Western Imaging Services


Western Imaging specializes in medical-legal discovery. We issue authorizations and subpoenas and provide professional reproduction services, obtaining any type of record, including:

Claim Files - Court Files - Employment - Insurance – Medical/Dental - Psychiatric/Mental Health - Workers' Compensation - X-Ray/MRI/CT Scanned reports/Public Records

  • Document Preparation (Subpoena/Authorization, Notice of Lawsuit, Notice to Appear, online E-filing of Application of Adjudication etc.)
  • Subpoena Service
  • Research and verification of parties to serve
  • Skip traces
  • WCIRB inquiries
  • EDEX searches
  • Status Calls
  • On-Site and Off-Site Scanning
  • Digital Scanning - .PDF and .TIF
  • Page Numbering/Pagination/Bates Stamping
  • Document Scanning (black-and-white & color)
  • Paper to Paper Scanning/Copying/Printing
  • Records delivery on CD-ROM, paper copy or online retrieval
  • Additional sets of records served to parties
  • Public Records Retrieval
  • Records Securely Emailed
  • Service of Process Re Document Production
  • Rush projects accepted with No extra charges
  • Quality control department checks the work to ensure accuracy and to ensure all special instructions have been followed
  • Our staff is trained and ready to take care of all copy projects.


Clasp Binding provides a sturdier type of binding designed to last. With a wide range of motion, clasp binding allows you to lay your documents flat or to fold them over. Western Imaging Services ensures your binding is always done right the first time.


Sometimes, you may need to have your documents numbered and organised in order to keep things manageable. For your documents, WIS can incorporate document numbering schemes into your requested records.

We process your record requests within 24 hours of receiving them, assertively checks status and maintains detailed notes with updates, scan records, review medical records (if ordered), run OCR and bates stamp, and deliver records quickly. From Subpoena production to document delivery Western Imaging Services accuracy and efficiency provides you with the service you seek.

When it comes to requesting records, what distinguishes a great copy service is exactly that, Service.

Service of Process

Western Imaging Services can handle your process serving needs mostly anywhere in the State of California. We are here to service you by serving others.

Anywhere and anytime, WIS can handle your next order for:

  • Subpoena to produce Records
  • Three-Day Notice
  • Thirty-Day Notice
  • W.C.A.B.
  • Personal Appearance
  • Notice to Opposing Counsel

Once your papers are served, we can file your completed Proof of Service or return it to your office so that you may file.