Western Imaging Services

About us

The primary goal of WIS is to deliver requested records to our clients so that they may easily utilize the information to perform their business in the highest professional manner. Our team of talented professionals understands the importance of obtaining documents is vital to the discovery process and by keeping our operations simple and yet effective we can handle all aspects of discovery and document production for you. We have the determination, endurance and civility to achieve cooperation from even the most reluctant or disorganized records facility. Our services free up your time for your more important tasks, saving you time, money and Irritation while we utilize our flexible, knowledgeable staff and state of the art technology we create an enjoyable, challenging and growth orientated employee environment.

Our system will give you exceptional originals, in paper or electronic format, each and every time. Our copies are first-generation reproductions from a scanned original that has not been reduced in size. You may choose to receive your documents on paper or on CD-ROM -- in PDF, TIF or other format

We are here to service your needs promptly and professionally.

Please let us know what Western Imaging Services can do for you.